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The College Council is a statutory body which governs all internal and academic affairs of the college. It consists of the Principal, Head of the Departments, Librarian, IQAC Co-Ordinator, two representatives of the teaching staff and one representative of the Administrative Staff .


1 Dr. RAJEEV THOMAS Principal
2 Dr. GEORGE T.M IQAC Coordinator & HOD, Dept of Chemistry
3 Dr. ANWAR SHAFI .C Assistant Professor (Arabic) & Staff Secretary
4 KISHAN KUMAR S.R HOD, Dept of Physics
5 Dr. BINIJA GEORGE Head-in-Charge, Dept of Commerce
6 Dr. DHANYA VARMA HOD, Dept of Mathematics
7 NIVYA .V. NEELANKAVIL HOD, Dept of Economics
8 Dr. AJESH T PHILIP HOD, Dept of Botany
9 Dr. REENA MARY ABRAHAM Assistant Professor, English – Elected Member
10 GENOY GEORGE Head-in-Charge, Dept of Business Administration
11 SREEKANTH M. Head- in-Charge, Dept of Computer Science
12 SANOJ K.T Assistant Professor, Commerce – Elected Member
13 RAJESH P.K. Assistant Professor, Dept of Physical Education
15 BIJU MARK JOHN Junior Superintendent-Representative of the Administrative Staff